Bram Algoed

Hi! I’m an illustrator (@bram_algoed) from Forest.
When I’m not drawing, I'm riding my bicycle or hiding in a cinema.

Why do you love your quartier?
It’s calm and quiet, has a lot of parks and magnificent architecture.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
Parc Duden, Wiels (centre for contemporary art)
and Brasserie des Alliés.

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Delphine Frantzen Let's meet at 10:30

Delphine Frantzen

Hello! I’m an illustrator (@frantzendelphine)
from Schaarbeek.
Most of all, I prefer to sketch in public spaces,
armed with my pencils and sketchbook.

Why do you love your quartier?
It is a vibrant quartier, with loads of interesting
people and activities, lovely restaurants, bars and shops.
All of this can be found in a beautiful architectural
scenery next to the wonderful Josaphat park.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
Parc Josaphat , Grafik (iIlustration hotspot)
and Live Central Park Café. 

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Hélène Jacobs T-Rexcited to be here

Hélène Jacobs

Hi! I’m illustrator (@helenejacobs).
I love being inspired by Brussels, nature & travel,
bright and flashy colors and crazy prints
make me super excited!

Why do you love your quartier?
You’re in the middle of a big city, but at the same time
I have the feeling that I can get peace of mind and relax here.
There’s loads of green areas and there’s quite a lot to discover too.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
First of all the Parc Leopold. It’s my favourite park where I can relax or discover stuff.
There’s so much history and I really like the contrast between the cosy park on the one side and the big, modern buildings and offices that ‘watch’ it.

Secondly, the Park Jean-Félix Hap (I know, another park!).
It’s a tiny one, which you’d walk by without noticing it.
The library of Etterbeek is by the way situated in this park, in a nice maison de maître.

And lastly, of course the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.
My absolute favourite museum, with dinosaurs!

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Larissa Viaene Jette un coup d'oeil

Larissa Viaene

Hello! I’m illustrator (@larissaviaene) and a first-class dreamer from Jette.

Why do you love your quartier?
Jette is progressive and green,
providing full of opportunities for its citizens.
It’s the perfect combination of the small city in the very big city.
There’s so much green and I can be in the centre of Brussels in a 15-minute bike ride.

Jette really embraces, my neighbor even calls me Vivi!
Oh, and by the way: the library is free!

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
Crossing the Parc Roi Baudoin to Parc Dieleghem.
Bar Café De Sportwereld.
The weekly market on Place Miroir.

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Ben Gijsemans I only wear XL

Ben Gijsemans

Hi! I’m illustrator (@bengijsemans).
I am a freelance animator, illustrator and author from Ixelles.
I love walking from one cultural hotspot to another.

Why do you love your quartier?
Apart from culture (which you can enjoy massively in Ixelles) I love nature.
We have the Forêt de Soignes next door.
Therefore I can’t imagine a better place to live than Ixelles.
You can find literally everything here.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
The étangs d’Ixelles (including the Abbey),
les casernes (with the SEE U project) and
of course Café Stam (for a nice Stam burger)!

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Gabri Molist Brussels is my hoodie

Gabri Molist

Hi! I’m illustrator (@gabrimolist).
I'm a part time comic artist and a full time pasta lover.
My comic stories are often witty, absurd and funny.

Why do you love your quartier?
I love it because it's like living in a village inside a big city.
On the same 30 minutes walk you have nature, amazing architecture and fantastic cafés.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
For the best pizza, go to Così Com'è. For the most amusing football evening, run to the Stade Joseph Marien, the home of Union Saint Gillose and if you are a sandwitch person, well, the bakery L'Artisan will provide everything you need!

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Alice Van Innis Molenbeequoi !

Alice Van Innis

Hi! I’m illustrator (@alicevaninnis) from Brussels.
My home and atelier are in Molenbeek.
I’m an artist. In love with color, beauty and people.

Why do you love your quartier?
It’s a very diverse commune, one where the feeling
of a holiday arises just around the corner.
Nevertheless, Molenbeek has a rough edge. I like that. Once you can see through that, you discover its cosiness.

Name 3 gems to explore in your quartier?
Quartier “Etangs noirs”, Parc L28 (T&T),
Au Duc de Brabant (café) and many more !!

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